What Is a Good Business Gift for a Professional Client or Customer?

What Is a Good Business Gift for a Professional Client or Customer?

Did you know that the corporate gifting industry is currently valued at $125B?

An increasing number of business owners understand just how much thanking their clients can work in their favor, and sending out gifts is a popular way of doing so. Once you have a good number of clients and business is going steady, this is definitely the type of detail you should think about.

Keep reading and learn more about the benefits of sending business gift baskets to your customers!

Why You Should Give Your Clients a Gift...

At first, it might seem like too much of a hassle to choose, organize and send gift baskets to your clients, especially when you think about all the tasks you have to go through day after day, after day.

But if there's one thing that you should never stop doing is fostering your relationship with each of your professional clients.

After all, it's thanks to them that you get to do what you love every day.

... Specifically, a Gift Basket

Sending them any gift would be a great way of saying thank you for their loyalty. But sending them a gift basket is that much more special.


Well, by choosing the right assortment of items, you ensure that the basket is the perfect gift for that specific client and you show that you took the time to personalize their present.

This, combined with the good work you do for them during the rest of the year, will turn you into a top-of-mind business in their mind. Not only do you increase your chances of keeping them as a client, but you might even get them to suggest your brand to other potential ones.

In fact, 80% of executives have stated that business gifts can lead to positive ROI.

See? In the end, it's all about branding and sales.

What Makes a Good Business Gift Basket?

Now that you understand why you should send gift baskets, it's time to learn what a good basket is.

Before, the answer to this question would be a cellophane-wrapped, preservative-filled business gift baskets.

But that has changed. There's more to this type of gift than just gathering a chocolate bar, a jar of jam and a bottle of wine on a basket, and putting a bow on it.

Here at Bread & Butter Basket Company, we work every day to shake up the gift basket industry, focusing on the source, quality and aesthetics of each item in the basket.

With us, you can expect:

  • Locally sourced products from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
  • Freshly baked, gourmet goodies for all tastes.
  • And an exquisite packaging that'll impress your clients before they even open the basket.
  • Full support from our experts to come up with the perfect basket for your client.

Ready to Start Planning Your Gifts?

Christmas is right around the corner, so why not start planning your business gift baskets now?

No customer would forget a brand that takes the time not only to thank them for their loyalty but to send them a useful, meaningful gift.

So what are you waiting for?

Work with us to create a gifting process that breaks the norm and gets your business noticed. With our quick and painless process, customizing your gifts doesn’t have to be difficult and we'd love to help you wow your customers. Get in touch!

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