Raising the Basket | What Makes Bread and Butter Company Stand Out?

Raising the Basket | What Makes Bread and Butter Company Stand Out?

At Bread and Butter Basket Company we are passionate about the gift baskets that we create and the experiences that result when you receive one. Our goal is to create exquisite gifts for your everyday moments. Whether your moment is celebrating a loved ones achievement, or simply extending your appreciation to a good friend, there is a carefully constructed gift basket for any and all occasions that encompass the showing of love, gratitude, and compassion.


What makes us different, you may ask?


We care. We care about 100% customer satisfaction with the presentation and quality of our gifts upon delivery. We care so much in fact that if our gift does not live up to the standards that you have in mind, we will happily remedy the situation by either sending a new gift or refunding you on your purchase, and we always inform the client of the special moment. 

You will always get a report once the package is in the right hands, and we will always tell you the reaction your gift recipient had, whether that be a smile, a kind word, or even tears of joy. We take pride in these special moments and are happy to help create and share them with you.

We raise the basket just a little bit higher with a few other highlights:

Bread and Butter will gladly customize for the client, and for you. Do you want to add different treats to your gift basket? Do you want to have a say in the presentation and packaging? These are all things we are more than happy to do for you to ensure that your gift basket exemplifies you. We can and will incorporate your company branding into each and every gift for each of your clients. Our number one complaint is consistently, “it’s too beautiful to open!” and with a handwritten card included in every gift basket, this is a sentimental gift that one will truly treasure upon receiving.

Everything in your customized gift basket is made with identifiable, wholesome ingredients that you can pronounce. That means no preservatives and a freshness factor of 4 to 5 days, instead of 6 months. When you buy a Bread and Butter gift basket you can be content in knowing we use simple ingredients to make a big, and memorable, impact on your taste buds.  

If you’re looking for a company that puts love and care into every single detail to make sure you feel fulfilled in the gift you choose to purchase, then you’ve come to the right place. We want to thank you for placing us in your narrative and helping you create your story.

Bread and Butter Basket Company: Raising the basket just a little bit more, every single day.

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