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Why Is Shopping Local So Important?

Why shopping local Is Important 

At Bread and Butter Basket Company, we are huge supporters of shopping and supporting local businesses. Even though the prospect of jumping online and ordering a product to your door in practically hours seems enticing, supporting local businesses directly helps our community. 

Quality products take time, energy and a whole lot of passion. Your direct contributions to the local business market helps stimulate the local economy, which in turn helps your community succeed. 

Although improving the local economy is usually the main factor that people typically think of when making the choice to shop locally, there are many other reasons to make shopping local your everyday routine. 

  1.  Reduces Environmental Impacts

    Typical environmental stressors like emissions from transportation are significantly reduced when shopping locally. Less emissions mean that more resources are being saved. Your purchase is helping contribute to less pollution and traffic congestion which has a chain effect on the way that the environment around us functions. Pretty cool, right? 

  2. Creates More Local Jobs

    The more revenue that a locally owned business gets, the more employees they can add to their team! Local businesses employ residents, helping advance the local economy! Small locally owned businesses are the largest employers nationally, meaning that there is a strengthened sense of community unity! 

  3. Investment in Community

    Because small businesses are directly in communities, they are less likely to leave! Meaning that local businesses are more invested in community success and welfare. 

  4. Exclusive and Unique 

    The two most important words that you can hear…. Small batch. 

    Because many local businesses do not have direct access to big warehouses, each product that is being made for customers is made with extreme care and attention to detail. You are not just another number to small businesses; you matter. When you shop locally, you are more likely to get a product that is unique. 

  5. Clients and Customers Receive the Personal Touch

Small businesses truly care about their customers. Looking for a personalized experience? Small businesses care about the product or services that they are selling… and it shows! 

At Bread and Butter Basket Company, our main goal is for our clients to have the best experience possible. We are proud to be a local business, and encourage you to contact us today if you are interested in creating a customized gift basket fit for any occasion!

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