Why Giving High Quality Items Matters!

It’s the holiday season and many people are searching for gifts to surprise their family and friends. Many times, the price of the item that you are purchasing is almost always the most important consideration when making a purchase. The gifts that you are purchasing may need to fall within a certain budget and sometimes we’d just rather not spend the money if we don’t feel we have to. However, focusing solely on price and choosing the less expensive item can actually come at a cost in the long run. Consistently choosing the cheaper option actually sacrifices the overall quality of a product or service and degrades its value over the upcoming months and years. 

Choosing quality over price is almost always going to make your gift the desired sustainable choice because it eliminates waste, improves efficiency, and supports small businesses that prioritizes value and quality, locally sourced goods. Investing in a quality gift ends up saving you money since it will need to be replaced less frequently and focuses on quality. More sustainable gifting also encourages corporate social responsibility practices, which can help the small business economy in your local area. Price and sustainability are inherently connected; as consumers, our decisions in one category will have an influence on the other. Many different factors go into setting the price of an item, and the high costs may be associated with value and the quality of materials:

  • Supply and demand: 

The simple economic principles come into play here as how much the general public are willing to pay for something that will impact the price. If everyone wants it, the price goes up. If no one does, companies sometimes lower the price. This is regardless of the quality.


  • Brand recognition:

Name brand items will often be more expensive than generic. This does not necessarily mean that the name brands are better or are of a higher quality. 


  • Production costs:

If it costs more to make or assemble a product, the price sold to you will often be higher so companies are still able to make a profit. This could mean that the materials used are of better quality, but it could also mean that the company is not very efficient with their production. On The other end of things, some companies exploit their staff and still charge a lot. Doing your research into the bigger companies is pivotal. Many times, shopping small and local businesses ensures that you are getting hand crafted, quality items. 

Let us let you in on a secret, we are a locally owned business that has been in the gifting game for years. If you are looking for a unique gift for your family or friends, here are a few of our favourites:

This box is full of festive fun and flavors! This is a little treat that will bring some unique tastes to the snack table.

This gift packs the punch of great tasting cookies along with some savory salty nuts and favorite snacks. A perfect gift for watching the game, sitting in the backyard, or just relaxing in the big chair!

Small businesses care about the product or services that they are selling… and it shows! 

At Bread and Butter Basket Company, our main goal is for our clients to have the best experience possible. We are proud to be a local business, and encourage you to contact us today if you are interested in creating a customized gift basket fit for the holiday season.
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