The Rabbit is out of The Bag: Five Creative Gifts to Give That is Easter Bunny Approved

The Rabbit is out of The Bag: Five Creative Gifts to Give That is Easter Bunny Approved

One of the most exciting parts of Easter is seeing the look on your kids’ and friends' faces when they realize that the Easter Bunny came(yes, even adults should be able to join in on the Easter fun)! Of course, chocolate bunnies and jellybeans are classic (and in our opinion, overdone) basket staples, but it’s also great to add some additional fun by giving an unexpected gift that the ever-so-special Easter Bunny approves! 

At Bread and Butter Basket Company, we are dedicated to creating exquisite gift baskets to help us celebrate and savour everyday moments. Food and the ritual of enjoying it show up at every celebration. We feature freshly baked goods, without preservatives and made the old fashion way…baked with love from scratch. We also offer an amazing array of local items and we offer products from all over Canada!

In today’s blog, the Bread and Butter Basket Company has put together a list of our five favourite Easter basket gifts for anyone in your life who you are looking to spice up their chocolate season. Whether you’re looking for an Easter-themed basket, a gift that can help your recipient relax, or a basket that welcomes a new family member — we’ve got so many egg-xtra unique and special gift ideas for every-bunny in your family and friend circle!  

Treat the whole family this Easter with our Share Basket!

Everyone loves a Great Cookie! This basket makes a delectable gift and offers a variety of cookie flavours for any special gathering or occasion.


Easter Baby? Our My Little Star Basket is the best Easter bunny gift ever!

This Baby Gift is Perfect for the New "Little Star" that just arrived. Cute in Blue, Pretty in Pink! This gift includes a little of everything Mom will need to show off the New Little Star! 


Give the gift of luxury with our Tub-Soak and Relax gift basket!

This little gift is just enough for any lady to call it a night and prepare a delightful soak in the tub, to wash away the stresses of the day. These locally made salts and soaps are beautifully scented and are so easy on the skin. Go ahead and give a little gift of "Spoil Her" with love.


Spring treats, Easter Eats? Yes, please! Our Savory Sweet care package is perfect!

This is more than Cookies! Check it out! This combination of chocolate pizza and savory snacks will surely please those that love savory sweet mixtures. Your recipient will be super pleased with this gift!  Snacks with dessert! Eat it first or eat it last!



Give a bit of sunshine! 

This Gift offers a nice Blend of Beautiful Chocolate and a Sweet and Salty mix that is truly addictive. Add a little fun to Easter with this Unique Easter Gift


Create the feeling of appreciation by sending a surprise gift of gourmet treats and hand-baked cookies, to someone today. Our boxes and baskets will make a lasting impression on your client, your co-worker, your family or a friend, to remind them monthly how grateful you are for them.


Struggling to figure out some unique and delicious Easter basket options for your special someone this gift-giving season of regrowth, we have got you covered! Contact us today to customize a gift basket for your recipient or shop our store online!


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