Bread & Butter Basket Company's Guide to Great Gift Giving.

Bread & Butter Basket Company's Guide to Great Gift Giving.

There are so many reasons to give a gift aside from the typical Hallmark Holiday Gift Days. We often send gifts to say thank you or to offer condolences, celebrate a new job or welcome a new member of the family. Then there are birthdays, weddings, showers, moving into a new home and my favourite, the “just because” gifts.

At Luxuries Gift Baskets we know how much gifts are appreciated, especially those gifts that are an unexpected surprise. 

You know that saying? It is the thought that counts” well it does go a little deeper than that, if you want to your gift to be well received. 

In order to provide the best experience for you and your recipient we are sharing some Do’s and Don’ts around Gift Giving! 


Send a Gift without expectations attached!

Do not expect a gift in return or a grand thank you after your recipient receives their gift.

Give gifts because you want to, not because you expect to receive a gift in return or a huge acknowledgment. Allow the recipient to bask in the joy of receiving the gift and allow them to thank you on their timeline.



Group gifts are a great option if there is a budget.

If someone has an expensive item on a wish list such as, a new baby arrival, or a new home or you want to send a gift from the office or the family, collecting money from multiple people and purchasing a gift together can have a lot of impact and be very economical. It’s a great way to give someone a big-ticket item that you know they’ll appreciate.

Personalized gifts can be a very thoughtful gift if you have the time to prepare.

To show someone that you were thinking about them, consider an item that is personalized. These gifts often remain a wonderful keepsake. Engraved wedding gifts and baby keepsake memories are a great example.  Be sure the gift is thoughtful and not considered to be too corporate. Personalized gifts are personal items such as drinking mugs with the recipient's name engraved on them or maybe you have chosen an encouraging message or special saying to engrave on the item. Something that has a special anniversary date or meaning to it is a great personal gift. Do not overload your recipient with your corporate items if the gift is meant to be personal.

A Well-thought-out Gift Card can be a nice gift for someone.

A Gift card may seem easy, but they are truly appreciated. A gift card is perfect for those people who seem to have everything, seniors who just don’t need more stuff but could use a dinner out or an adventure. Gift cards are perfect for someone on a limited budget. At Luxuries Gift Baskets we love combining a small gift that goes along with your gift card to elevate the gift. An example would be sending cookies or chocolates with a coffee card.  

No Need to Overspend

Your gift recipient will certainly appreciate a thoughtful gift that is appropriate for the occasion. There is no need to overspend to impress. Spending too much can make a recipient feel very uncomfortable.  Some people feel uncomfortable receiving lavish gifts. A meaningful gift is just as good as an expensive one. When gifting corporately be sure to know if your recipient is allowed to receive a gift. Some corporations restrict their employees from receiving a gift or from receiving a gift over a certain value.

Present your Gift in a Way That Shows You Care

Always present your gift wrapped or in a gift bag. Depending on the occasion it may be best to hire a professional to wrap and decorate the gift. Take that extra moment to present your gift in style. A well-wrapped gift is a large part of the gift-giving experience and a well-presented gift creates a feeling of joy for the recipient. The gift presentation should represent in some way the reason for the gift, for example, use Christmas wrap for Christmas, birthday wrap for birthdays, wedding paper for weddings and use classy gift wrap for a retirement gift. 

Allow for Privacy or Shyness. Sometimes, a person might want to open gifts in private. Not everyone enjoys being the center of attention while opening a present. Some people do not want you to see their reaction. Wrapping a gift allows you to respect the privacy of others.

Support and Shop local and From Small Businesses

If you want to avoid generic, impersonal gifts, you should look to local businesses and small businesses. You’re more likely to find unique and personalized presents. You can check out local places by searching social media, or head over to Etsy for creative ideas.


A note or a greeting card is a must with the gift.

Notes and Cards should always be included with your gift. A heartfelt note or card will help your recipient understand why they are receiving a gift. This is the opportunity to express your sentiments.


Avoid grandstanding and giving presents in front of others.

Unless you’re invited to a party, you shouldn’t give presents when other people are around. For example, if it is a Christmas gift, you can make others feel left out. Remember the idea is to gift someone for a special reason, don’t make them feel uncomfortable about a grand presentation to show off yourself. Another example is, if it’s a coworker’s birthday, making a big deal in front of others will be awkward and make others feel bad they did not give a gift.


Don’t be afraid to ask what someone needs.

Some people might think this is silly. In certain circumstances, it’s preferable. Baby gifts from family or co-workers is a good example, of when knowing what they really need and want is a great thing. Checking in on allergies, preferences, cultural information, religious holidays is considered respectful gift giving. 

I hope you enjoyed these helpful ideas for gift giving.

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