Spread the Love | 8 Heartfelt and Meaningful Gift Ideas

Spread the Love | 8 Heartfelt and Meaningful Gift Ideas

We all have that amazing person in our life that we’re sincerely thankful for because of so many reasons: maybe they were there to help you get through a difficult time or maybe they’re just an all around great person. Maybe it’s someone that has moved away that you miss deeply. A thoughtful way to show someone your gratitude is a gift. A gift that is special and shouts: “I’m really grateful for you and need you to know!” A gift doesn’t have to be a purchased item, it can be a day spent together, or a generous service. Any form of effort that shows you want to make someone feel special at that moment. Feeling low on ideas? We’ve got some below that will help!

A Day Out On The Town

Who said that you need to fly somewhere to go on vacation? Plan a staycation filled with the other person’s most favorite activities. Make him or her smile when they realize how well you’ve been paying attention and know them. Edmonton has a huge variety of restaurants, museums, spas, and fun locations to create a memorable day of laughs.

Give Them Their Favorite Book(s) With A Note

Show someone your appreciation by picking up his or her favorite novel(s) and writing a lovely note inside the cover. Every time they open up their favorite read, they’ll think of you too!

Print Your Favorite Photos Together

It’s 2016, printing photos, sadly, something we no longer we see people do anymore. A real photo is sentimental, it makes someone feel like you chose the photos you printed for a reason. Give someone something to hold on to close to their heart by printing out your most treasured memory/memories together. If there are enough photos, create a photo album that shows how your relationship unfolds over time.

Make a Home Cooked Meal

There’s nothing better than spending some quality time talking and sharing some laughs over a delicious meal and a fun setting. Give the gift of food and a new experience by re-creating someone’s favorite meal and putting on his or her favorite music.

A Road Trip

Instead of the staycation…have a road trip! Find a day you’re both free and spend time together singing along to some tunes on the old open road. Whether it’s just to the outskirts of the city or a full six-hour drive, the trip will bring back old memories and create new ones.

A Meaningful Letter

“Dear friend, you mean the world to me.” Show your gratitude with some words of self-expression. Write about when you met, how he or she has changed your life, some inside jokes, and your favorite memories together. Sometimes thankfulness is best expressed in a nice old-fashioned, genuine letter.

Give Them Something They Need

Give a friend one less thing to worry about. Imagine coming home and seeing your house cleaned or your broken barbecue has been fixed! It’s a great feeling that will make the trust and reliability grow in your relationship, as well as show the person you truly care.

A Customized Gift Basket

A delicious gift basket from Bread + Butter carrying delicious homemade baked goods and jams will do nothing but make someone smile… and make their mouth water! Bread + Butter have a huge selection and now ship across Canada. Choosing a quality gift basket shows that you want him or her to have nothing but the best.

These gifts don’t have to be given on a birthday or holiday, showing someone gratitude can be done at any time of the year. Give your husband, wife, grandma, best friend, or coworker a gift to show you embrace having him or her in your life.


Those heartfelt moments often happen at the workplace. Corporate gifting doesn't need to stop at Christmas or your year-end party. Celebrate the important moments in your company and download our corporate gift guide for all that you need to know when it comes to corporate gift-giving.

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