Social Distance and Still Celebrate!

Social Distance and Still Celebrate!

Gift Boxes Can Help You Social Distance and Still Celebrate!

Just like with any business, the gifting industry sees highs and lows from time to time. 
After years of remaining static, however, the Gifting Business is once again seeing a boom! 
This has come about during the COVID-19 pandemic as an unexpected outcome.
We understand why! 
People are avoiding personal contact, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to stay connected or give thanks to others.
This is why gift baskets have become a favourite way to show appreciation.


How To Keep Your Distance But Show That Love is Near

For celebratory events in particular, sending gourmet gift boxes has become a new way of entertaining and giving a surprise whether at home or online. 
For example, babies are still being born but they may not be allowed to have many visitors; sending a baby gift basket along with eatables and spa items for parents, or maybe a toy for a sibling is a great way to reach out and congratulate new parents. 
Weddings are still happening but may not be able to have the same sort of celebration with all the guests the new couple wants; sending a personal Congratulations gift to the newlyweds will let them know just how much you wish you could have been there to celebrate with them, and to keep the celebration going in a small and intimate way. 
Sending care packages to loved ones who may have trouble accessing them themselves has also become more frequent during months of quarantine. 


How Social Distanced Corporate Thank You Gifts Go A Long Way

It’s not just gifts for personal relationships and loved ones, either. 
Many have chosen to send appreciation packages to those working the front lines in their communities. Additionally, companies and employers are sending concern and care packages to their employees across Canada who have been forced to stay home, as a way to keep the team spirit alive. 
Now might be a great time to go through your contacts and customer list to approach people and see if you can be of service to them, or if you can reach out with a show of appreciation and gratitude. You don’t have to wait until major holidays like Christmas, but can do it at any time!

We send you good wishes and hope you are staying safe and keeping well out there.
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