Simple Ingredients. Big Impact.

Simple Ingredients. Big Impact.

It can be easy to think that something that tastes so good requires an endless amount of ingredients. How else could such an unforgettable flavour be possible? When you go about your daily life, tasting things here and there, you might not even consider what sort of products go into making a cookie or a loaf, but only think that the list is so long that you don’t even want to bother reading it.

Here at Bread and Butter Basket Company, we want our customers to know that we only use the simplest of ingredients for all of our products. We do not have an extensive list of ingredients that you cannot pronounce or are unsure about. We do not put anything into our baked goods that are unfamiliar. If something does not need to be added to our baked goods, we simply do not add them in. This includes preservatives and chemicals.

We want our customers to relish in the fact that our products come with only the simplest of ingredients and make a big impact on their taste buds. Our goods are created the old-fashioned way - from scratch and made with love. There is no uncertainty with goods produced by Bread and Butter.

Most of our melt in your mouth cookies are crafted with baking soda, butter, sugar, and eggs, among other simple ingredients that you can find in your very own kitchen cabinet. Likewise, our delicious loaves are crafted with the same simple ingredients in addition to a few others depending on which one you eat such as salt, vanilla extract, and cinnamon. Our specialty goods also share some of the same ingredients as our cookies and loaves – it’s crazy but true! Our decadent treats are created with simplicity and come out tasting absolutely delicious and memorable.

Rather than being unsure about what your cookie, loaf, or any other treat contains, you can be confident in the fact that you know exactly what you are biting into when you purchase a gift basket from Bread and Butter Basket Company. We strive to deliver only the purest of goods to our loyal customers and hope to continue doing so more and more in the future.

For more information on how you can achieve the same purest of goods for your company, download our corporate guide today!


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