Showing Love Through the Sharing of Food

Showing Love Through the Sharing of Food

Valentine’s Day will soon be upon us. We all know this as a day where we show love to important people in our lives. While there are a few different “love languages” that people use to show their affection (acts of service, quality time, physical touch, etc), Valentine’s Day often taps into one of these major languages in the form of gift-giving. We certainly know all about gift giving: it is what we do, after all!

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When it comes to our gift selection, despite the fact that there are a range of options to choose from, food gift baskets remain one of our biggest categories. They are a tried and true type of gift basket, and this is likely due to the ways in which sharing food is so intrinsically tied to feelings of love for others.

The sharing of food can be an intimate experience, but also one that simply shows caring. Food is, after all, the thing that nurtures our bodies, so in sharing it with others you are providing them with a point of connection through nurturing. Sharing is caring as the saying goes, and there is a reason why moments of making food for someone else or sharing in a meal are often incorporated into movies with themes of romance. Just think of the spaghetti scene in Lady and the Tramp, or Baxter showing his creativity in making pasta for the girl he fancies in The Apartment, or the attention that Kevin puts into making a meal for Chiron during their reunion in Moonlight. These moments of romance are often centered on food because the giving and sharing of food is so intrinsically tied to the concept of love and care in a tangible, physical way.

Not only that, but food is something that can tap into all the senses: taste, touch, smell, sound, and even sight. Having more points of contact with the senses increases recall in people, which means that when they engage in food, they are likely to remember the moment and the feelings associated with it. And if this moment came about because of a gift from a friend or loved one, then the brain may also make associations with the sweetness of a cookie or the savoury deliciousness of a cheese with the person who made it happen.

Additionally, sharing in a meal, afternoon tea with snacks, or an evening of sampling charcuterie and wine is something that brings people together. And when you bring people together in this manner, it naturally spurs conversation which lets people know each other better, create new moments of closeness, and share in meaningful memories all while making new ones together.

At Bread & Butter Basket Company, we believe that food gifts are a great way to show you care from someone. And you can also feel good knowing that all of our products are sourced from our favourite local vendors, with high quality ingredients and baked goods made from scratch.

If you are looking to spread love through the nurturing force of food this Valentines Day, or any day of the year, Contact Us today.
We are ready to create a customized basket with all of your loved ones’ favourite things that will look great, and taste even better!
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