Say Congratulations In A Unique Way This Wedding Season

Say Congratulations In A Unique Way This Wedding Season

It’s the season of love in Edmonton, and the 2022 wedding season is upon us! Whether you’re attending a wedding or bridal shower this summer, give your congratulations in a unique way that won’t be found at a registry. Weddings and bridal showers...they're stressful. There's so much going on, you might not even know what to give as a gift! That's why gift baskets are the perfect solution for any wedding or bridal shower.

Gift baskets are great for any special occasion. If you’re planning to give someone a gift basket for their wedding or bridal shower, you should know there are many reasons why you should do it.


Make it personal.

Whether your gift is for someone who likes salty, sweet, savoury or a little bit of everything, a gift basket is a great option for people who want to give something extra special to their soon-to-be-wed loved ones with added sentimental value. With a variety of options, don’t be afraid to get creative with your basket, and put together a personalized gift to congratulate the newly wedded couple.


Great for folks on a budget.

Bridal showers, and just about anything to do with weddings can be expensive, including the items listed on the newlywed’s registry lists. Sometimes that can be intimidating when it comes to gift buying for these events. But it doesn’t have to be! Gift baskets can be tailored to whatever your budget may be. They come in numerous sizes and can contain special items that won't break the bank, yet will still make a wonderfully sentimental gift for your loved ones. You can always combine your budget with another wedding guest to create a collaborative gift!


They’re fun to open.

Receiving any gift is always exciting. But gift baskets are always a little more exciting than any other gift. If you’ve ever received a gift basket, you know that despite being beautifully crafted and arranged, they still hold a little bit of mystery to them. Are you receiving something delicious? Or is it something luxurious? What kind of unique items are inside? These are all thoughts that people have when they’re given such a unique gift. So, opening a gift basket and discovering its contents is always a fun and exciting experience for the recipient.

The variety!

Gift baskets are completely customizable! Even if they’re a hard person to buy for, a gift basket is sure to make a unique impression. You can include all kinds of goodies in your gift basket. With contents being anything ranging from edible options like cookies to non-edible options like bubble bath to satisfy the preferences of the newlyweds! 


Support local.

Whether you’re building one on your own or purchasing one from a basket-builder, gift baskets are a great option if you want to make a sustainable purchase that supports local businesses in your community. You can create a basket with contents from numerous local sellers, or support your own local basket business by purchasing one from them! As an extra time-saving bonus, most local basket makers will even deliver your basket, too!


Whether you're low on money, ideas, or time, or just want to do something extra special and unique for the just-married couple, a gift basket is sure to make a great gift, and become a go-to for any and all future gift-giving occasions!


If someone you know is getting married this year, send your congratulations with an extra special and creative gift from Bread & Butter Basket Co.! Choose from any of our pre-made wedding baskets, or create your own! To learn more or to place an order, get in touch with us at or call us today at 780-999-4986.


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