Product Spotlight: Newget Kompany

Product Spotlight: Newget Kompany

Chocolate - it’s creamy, delicious, and the perfect treat for anyone who has a sweet tooth. Chocolate is like a universal language that everyone can understand whether it’s milk, dark, or white. This melt in your mouth classic treat can be paired with an endless amount of ingredients and desserts that satisfy the taste buds to no end. A few of these ingredients include nuts and fruits. Nougat is a delicious treat enjoyed by many packed with confections that make the taste buds swoon.

Everyone loves a new twist on an old classic, and that’s exactly what Chief Newget Artisan Michelle Tobias Pawl is doing with the Newget Kompany - hence the clever name. Pawl first discovered the chewy bar at a wedding party, and that's where the obsession began. The taste was infectious and she soon found that she could not stop thinking about what she had eaten. Amazed by the wonders of nougat, she dared herself to push further and break the boundaries of the traditional dessert.

Pawl was determined to create something that was all her own. It was almost instantly obvious that this product should, and could, be eaten more frequently than just at special events, and her friends and family agreed. Why not make nougat a part of everyday life? Why not have nougat available at a variety of diverse locations?  She was determined to test and experiment with this product until she could make it uniquely her own, and that’s exactly what she did.

The Newget Kompany is wildly original, offering handmade goodness that’s a delicate balance of quality chocolate with sweet and savoury flavours. The tastes available range from Dark Berry Blast Newget to Xpresso and are all combined with white, milk, or dark chocolate.  

The Newget Kompany hand makes all of its products right here in Edmonton. Newget can now be added exclusively to any Bread & Butter basket for an additional cost. Do not hesitate to make this wonderful addition to your gift basket for a loved one or corporate partner. This product is a perfect addition to any gift basket that contains our handmade loaves, cookies, and treat. We’re sure you will love it just as much as we do.

And don't forget to take advantage of our corporate guide for gifting and add some Newget while you're at it ;).


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