Oh Canada | Canadian suppliers that we carry at Bread and Butter Basket Co.

Oh Canada | Canadian suppliers that we carry at Bread and Butter Basket Co.

Our gift baskets are meticulously put together to ensure that you are receiving only the most delicious assortments of baked goods. This could not be possible without all of our great Canadian suppliers that ensure we are including only the most decadent of ingredients in our cookies, loaves, and other treats.

Wendell Estate Honey  

Since 1940, Wendell Estate Honey has been creating incredible honey, right in the heart of the Canadian Prairies. With over 3500 beehives the tradition carries on today and the delicious, unparalleled taste continues to wow the taste buds of any with its pureness and freshness.


This candy supplier comes from humble beginnings as Dannah Daris began cooking it right at home and selling it at places such as her church and farmers markets. Delicious treats like peanut butter brittle inspired by family recipes are what makes Sweet such a hit, and one of our favorites to include in gift baskets.

Confetti Sweets

Confetti Sweets creates amazing cookies right in Sherwood Park, Alberta from scratch with only the finest ingredients. With baking values mirroring our own, Confetti Sweets is an excellent supplier of some of the best cookies we have to offer.

The Newget Company

Handmade in Edmonton, Alberta with delicious chocolate, roasted nuts, fruits, and more, this “new” take on the classic, melt in your mouth treat of nougat is inspired by a want and need to create something unique from a traditional dessert. The Newget Company supplies us with these tasty creations that everyone wants to add to their gift baskets.

Milsean Chocolate

Milsean is Gaelic for “sweet things” and Milsean Chocolate lives up to its reputation, producing an array of delicious confections and decadent delights. The Demerara Butter Crunch is award winning with toffee and almonds or hazelnuts covered in delectable Belgium chocolate—we can’t get enough of it!

Chocolate by Jacek

With a mix of classic flavors to ones created with a twist, Chocolate by Jacek is hand crafted using fine French chocolate or bean-to-bar line and fresh ingredients. With numerous awards and recognitions, you can bet you will find one of these scrumptious creations in one of your gift baskets.

Creations by Laurie

Exquisite creations are Laurie’s expertise, and she does not falter with the final product. Creations by Laurie produce hand painted designs on glassware that are nothing short of beautiful.  

Good Coffee

Good Coffee is an inspiring company creating a coffee community in Laos. They are attempting to be the first ever to source Lao specialty coffee to North America. Not only does this project help local villages right in Lao, but it also provides customers and clients with life-changing, delicious coffee, all while supporting communities in need around the world.

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