Is It Appropriate to Send a Gift Basket to Express Your Sympathy?

Is It Appropriate to Send a Gift Basket to Express Your Sympathy?

Sympathy gifts can be a thoughtful gesture that goes a long way when someone you know is grieving. A tasteful sympathy gift basket can bring comfort and be a kind reminder of your support. But is it appropriate to send a basket to express your condolences?

In short, yes! At Bread and Butter Basket Company, we believe that expressing your feelings to your loved ones, no matter the occasion is always appropriate. When it comes to sharing your sympathies with someone who is down on their luck or experiencing a loss, you need to choose your gift wisely. Today, our curators of kindness are here to share a few suggestions for what you can send to share your warm wishes to those in need.

Sympathy Baskets with Food

Gift baskets that feature delicious baked goods, or wholesome savoury treats make this period of time a little easier for your recipient, in more ways than one! There are times when people will drop in to pay their respects, so consider including comfort foods in your condolence baskets that are easy to open and share. Great items include several types of cookies, baking, sweet loaves of bread, or squares. Other options include arrays of assorted nuts and dried fruits, and other savoury snacks.



Journals and Books 

During times of grief, it can be hard for your loved ones to recall all that needs to be remembered. A journal is a great gift to diarize important things when times are tough.

A journal is also a great medium of expression, especially under these circumstances. During this difficult time, not everyone can talk about how they feel, so writing down thoughts, feelings and ideas can help with coping as well as writing down favourite memories. Gifts such as these pair well with gifts that feature comforting consumables such as tea or coffee that can help the recipient relax, recover and rewind.

Self Care Items

Oftentimes, when someone is grieving, all they need is some me-time. Give your recipient the gift of true relaxation with a basket that features items dedicated to their health and well-being. Sending thoughtful gifts that feature spa items like bath bombs and sea salt soaks can encourage your loved ones to take the much-needed time to relax and forget about their hardships for a little while. 

Bouquets and On-Budget Gifts

Sometimes budgets can be tight when it comes to purchasing a gift for a loved one that expresses your condolences. And that’s okay! Simple gifts that feature a favourite treat that one or many can enjoy can make a world of difference to someone you care about, simply because you were thinking of them, and took the time to get them a gift that you knew they would enjoy.

Another great option for expressing your sympathies to a loved one is to send flowers. Flowers can brighten someone’s day, even when the clouds are out. Although their effects are temporary, carefully picked blooms in an array of bright and beautiful colours are sure to bring joy to the recipient.


Considerations for Unique Sympathy Gift Basket Ideas in Edmonton


Remember that the purpose of your sympathy basket is to express condolences and provide a kind reminder of your support during a difficult time; Whether it’s a little or a lot, the gesture will be appreciated tenfold when the smoke clears and life feels right again.

It’s okay to not know where to start when it comes to putting a sympathy gift basket together for someone you care about. That’s why the gift-giving-gurus of Bread and Butter Basket Company are here to help!

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