How To Say Thank You To Mom This Mother’s Day

How To Say Thank You To Mom This Mother’s Day

Mom is a very special person in our lives. She cares and works hard to keep us happy and healthy. She’s been there for us when we’ve needed her most, and can always bring us back on track when the need arises.

She’s the woman who helps to shape who we are, and who we want to be. Mom has always been there for us both in the big and little moments. We can never repay her for all she's done — but celebrating her on Mother's Day is always a great way to say thank you! 

However, it's not always easy to say thank you to such a wonderful woman. If you’re feeling stumped on what to get for your mom this Mother's Day, we're here to help you pick the perfect gift that will make her feel extra special. 


Come on! Who doesn’t love brunch?! Whether it’s homemade, or at your favourite local restaurant, brunch is always a great treat to share with your family, and with your mom especially.

If you’re treating your mom to Sunday brunch, make it extra special! Try cooking something she loves. If you’re stumped on finding a brunch recipe to whip up for mom, try making some of these tried and true appetite-pleasers! We assure you, she’ll LOVE this.

Is cooking not your thing? That’s okay! Consider trying something new, and hitting up a locally owned brunch spot with your mom to get your fill of delicious local eats. Edmonton’s downtown and Whyte Ave areas have a plethora of excellent brunch spots to choose from that are sure to please!  



Gift Basket

Now this one, we can help you with! Gift baskets make such an awesome gift for Mother’s Day – They can come pre-made, or you can customize your gift basket to include ALL of your mom’s favourite things! 

Your gift basket can say a thousand words to your mom, simply by including things she loves. The options are endless. With our Mother’s Day collection, you can purchase a basket for your mom that’s sweet, salty or luxurious, but most of all, the gift you choose will be thoughtful! We know she’ll love this, and it makes choosing a thoughtful gift easier on you! 


Flowers for Mom



Okay, this one may seem a little generic in terms of Mother’s Day gifts. But we assure you, flowers are ALWAYS a hit! If you want your mom’s bouquet to be different from the ones you find in the grocery stores, you’ll need to flex your creativity muscles! Consider speaking to someone at your local floral shop or year-round greenhouse about having a custom bouquet made for your mom. 

But first, do some subtle research before visiting your local flower guru. Knowing what kind of blooms your mom likes, and the colours she prefers the most are valuable details! Once you have this information, it’s time to take your bouquet concept to your local florist and have them create a beautiful custom bouquet for your mom. Consider your mom’s favourite bloom types and colours (this is where doing your research beforehand comes in handy!) and don’t forget to include a heartfelt note! 

If you’re interested in making your mom’s Mother’s Day extra special with a thoughtful and sentimental gift, consider getting her a Bread and Butter Gift Basket! Give us a call at: 780-999-4986 or visit our website at: to order your special gift today!


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