How to Give Your Greeting Card a Personal Touch

How to Give Your Greeting Card a Personal Touch

It can be challenging to pick the right gift for someone you care for and difficult to know what to say. Greeting cards are perfect for completing your gift, a finishing touch, like icing on the cake.


Whether for a loved one, a friend, a co-worker, or a business connection, a greeting card can give that extra personal touch. These cards are customizable and can be as unique as you’d like them, making them a fantastic choice for anyone. 


Typically greeting cards are a short sentence or two, and it may feel difficult for some to summarize their feelings in such few words. There are many people who may struggle with expression through words or the ability to articulate oneself through writing altogether. If this sounds like you, continue reading for helpful tips and ideas.


The Special Occasion

Whether you’re celebrating a holiday, a promotion, an anniversary, or a birthday, greeting cards are for any occasion. Your message will look significantly different depending on what kind of celebration you are writing for and who the recipient might be. Here are some helpful examples. 


Birthday Gifting

Depending on how close you are to the recipient, a birthday card typically will require a personal touch. If you are familiar with the birthday person, there are many options for writing. 


Give a quick reference to an inside joke or compliment them on your favourite thing they do. For birthdays regarding someone you are not as close with, it’s typically safe to congratulate them milestone of age they have reached. 


Anniversary Gifting

Whether it is your own anniversary or celebrating a close friend or family member on their anniversary, don’t be afraid to be more intimate. For a friend or family member, bringing up a fond memory of two of them can be a lovely way to celebrate their love. 


If it's for your partner, adding something personal from the beginning of your relationship can be very thoughtful. An example of what to write could be all your firsts. Write a list of the first words you spoke to one another, your first date or first kiss. 


Referencing these memories shows you care and expresses your thoughtfulness. These will allow your loved one to feel sentimental and relive those beautiful memories as they read your card. 


Corporate Gifting 

It is important to keep greeting cards professional when dealing with corporate or business interactions. But to help grow better business relationships, it is essential to add some personal touches. 


Adding some personality, a thoughtful message or something unique about their company to your card can show your partners, colleagues, buyers or sellers that you take the time out of your busy schedule to focus on them. 


Another great addition to a greeting card is placing coupons for your business or even a gift card. This attention to detail will speak to your character and your business as a whole. Business relationships are like any other, and it’s crucial to show how important those relationships are to you and your business. 


Get Creative

If a simple sentence or two doesn’t feel like enough, try getting creative. If you feel comfortable expressing yourself through other mediums besides words, then take a chance and change it up. 


Instead of writing a sentence, you could draw, paint a memory, or glue a photograph. Your options are as endless as your creativity, but most importantly, have fun with it. The essential part of a greeting card is to be yourself and put your own twist on it. 


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