Honouring and Celebrating the Father

Honouring and Celebrating the Father

This Father's Day, we want each and every dad out there to feel seen and appreciated for the value they bring to our lives. 

The social climate is stressful and painful right now, particularly for our Black community, and the pressure of social distancing during the Covid-19 global pandemic is still looming.

We invite you, while still being mindful of the times, to use this upcoming occasion as a wonderful opportunity to honour, show your gratitude, and celebrate the amazing fathers in your life.

Here's why:

  • Dad's mental health matters, and he could probably use a little cheer
  • Engaged fathers are an ESSENTIAL support person for the family
  • Fathers want to know that they are noticed and appreciated too
  • Giving is good for the soul - two for one happiness

5 Ways to Celebrate Father's Day From a Distance

1. FaceTime or Skype with him

How often do we just call to talk to our dads? Sometimes the person who you think is fine without regular check-ins would actually love to hear from you more often. Make the time to reach out this week. 

2. Plan a BBQ or outdoor get-together

We hate to be cliché, but a good way to celebrate Father's Day is with a BBQ or fire pit get-together with family or friends or both. Don't let him feel pressured to cook, and make sure you have a backup chef so that Dad can relax and visit. 

3. Organize an at-home fun tasting

Or his beverage of choice. Buy an interesting variety of beer, wine, or scotch to host a cozy, little tasting from the comfort of home. Make up a charcuterie board to offset the 'tasting'.

4. Get gardening

We get it. The last thing you want to do is put Dad to work today, but he might feel really special if you ask for his help or advice on a few things around the yard. Sometimes it's those little moments that truly add up big.

5. Talk to his tummy

Sometimes the best way to tell someone you love them is with a sweet or savoury treat you know they can't resist. We can help with this one!


We'd love for you to check out our Father's Day collection for some gift-spiration, or simply call us directly at 780-999-4986.  

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