A History of Giving | Why Easter Baskets Aren't Just For Kids

A History of Giving | Why Easter Baskets Aren't Just For Kids

If your first impression of Easter is walking into a grocery store, you may think that it is a holiday strictly about chocolate rabbits, decorated baskets, and of course, colourful eggs. You'd likely see children flocking around the treats, begging their parent to give in and let them indulge. If you were once one of these children, you may have thought that the Easter bunny reliably came along each year to drop off these treats, as he has for centuries.

For many, Easter is shrouded in nostalgia and anticipation - running around holding a straw basket hoping that you will be the one to collect the most eggs; helping your grandmother with baking that produced delicious treats to make your taste buds swoon. However, for many, and at Bread and Butter, this holiday is more than Hallmark and chocolate, so we took a look at the source.

Easter Giving in History

The history of Easter tradition is long and varied with many different references to both Christianity and folklore. Across many cultures, different traditions and customs have emerged and taken prominence during this popular holiday, including the story of the Easter bunny who has hidden chocolate for children to find on Easter and collect in the straw baskets they were given. This didn’t just come out of thin air - each piece of the story has its place in the history of Easter giving.

The Rabbit

The rabbit itself was a symbol of abundant new life in ancient times; a reminder that spring had arrived. Some claim that the word “Easter” derives from a pagan goddess named Eostre, and in one version of the story a bunny paints an egg and gives it to the goddess to show his loyalty and love.

The Egg

Speaking of the egg, The Easter egg is another prominent symbol of new life, new beginnings, and fertility. The custom of decorating eggs dates back to the 13th century, and this much-loved tradition began right in the heart of family home with children and parents gathered together adorning hen or duck eggs in bright colours and designs.

As the years have gone by, the Easter egg has evolved and has come to us in many different variations, shapes, and forms. The Victorians had cardboard sation covered eggs filled with gifts and chocolates, and chocolate easter eggs that first emerged in France and Germany have become a staple in many of our homes during this holiday.

The Basket

Baskets used to gather the eggs, of course, have a few more uses behind them when it comes to Easter. In early times, baskets were used at this time of year to present gifts to the goddess Oestre to encourage her to grant hearty harvests. As we’re familiar with, our good friend the rabbit also used baskets to deliver sweets and eggs to children on the morning of Easter itself.

Easter Giving Today

Regardless of the tradition or source, an Easter theme that keeps arising is the use of gifts to celebrate new life and new beginnings. This is the perfect opportunity to spread the gift basketry beyond Easter egg hunts, or chocolate for the children.

Why not give to all of the people you’re grateful to have this Easter with a Bread and Butter gift basket, and start a new family tradition?

We’re absolutely certain that your host for Easter dinner would love an Appreciate gift basket filled with locally baked treats delivered to the door as he or she prepares for your arrival. We know that your childhood caregiver would enjoy unwrapping a Grateful gift basket on Easter morning, with memories of the time they used to spend with you.

This Easter is your chance to give to truly embrace the spirit of giving. Trust us - it can go a long way.
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