3 Thanksgiving Gift Basket Ideas

3 Thanksgiving Gift Basket Ideas

After a long and trying 18 months, we understand that this Thanksgiving may be a very special time for many different families as this is their first in-person event in a long time. There is so much to be thankful for, from good health, to a new and exciting future, get together with your family and celebrate two of the most important things that you need in 2021… love and happiness. The team here at Bread and Butter Basket Company understands the importance of this holiday and wants to help make those important moments a little more special this Thanksgiving season. In this blog, we are highlighting some of our favourite baskets that are made to share with the entire family this Thanksgiving. 

  1. Savoury Sweet Care Package

Looking for some pre-Thanksgiving dinner snacks? The Savoury Sweet Care Package is more than just your typical cheese and crackers. Elevate your senses and impress some inlaws with this package (did we mention it comes wrapped in a box)? From unique options like Jalapeno Loaf featuring a little sweet heat and cheese, to Cheesecake Squares and fruit crumble, leave the hard part to us and focus on making the best turkey ever!

  1. Charcuterie Boards 

Who wants to impress grandma? We know that you do! Charcuterie Boards are all of the rage right now. With hundreds of different pre-thanksgiving snack options choose one that looks aesthetically pleasing and is delicious at the same time. The team at Bread and Butter Basket Company has carefully curated a large assortment of items that make up a great and memorable Charcuterie board. Enjoy Coast to Coast Canadian Truffles, cheese, Ham Sausage and so much more. Looking to upgrade your board? We can add Steak Stripes, Pepperoni, Chorizo, Dried Mango, Dried Apricots, Sparkling Apple Juice, and more Chocolate and Salty Snacks such as Beer Nuts, Chile Spiced Nuts. And to top it all off, these boards come with stunning wooden keepsake boards to remember such an important year with your family. 

  1. Share A Treat Basket

Everyone needs a little pick me up sometimes… and this one just happens to be full of delicious sweet treats that are guaranteed to make your Thanksgiving a memorable occasion. Trade the pumpkin pie for sweet cookies, caramel popcorn, rice krispy squares, and so much more! P.S. don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone if you claim our baking as your own. 

Struggling to figure out some tasty Thanksgiving options for you and your family this October, we have got you covered! Contact us today to customize a gift basket for your recipient or shop our store online!

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