5 Great Reasons to Support Local In 2021

5 Great Reasons to Support Local In 2021

At Bread and Butter Basket Company, we love supporting local! In fact, all of our products are sourced locally, in Edmonton, in Alberta, and always Canadian. We love working with these local businesses because they provide products that are high quality, taste great, and are simply favourites of ours to share! Not only that, but when you support local businesses, you help to support your local economy. There is no better feeling than knowing that a real person is behind your purchase, and that you are helping to support them with every dollar.

It is therefore disheartening to hear that only about 50% of small Canadian businesses last for 5 years or more. That’s why it is more important than ever to continue supporting your favourite local businesses, especially after this past year with so much economic turmoil and uncertainty. Because when you support local, you don’t just help in keeping these businesses alive, but you help out your community!

Need to hear more?

Here are 5 great reasons to support local this upcoming year:

  • Your Money Goes Back into Your Community

When you support local businesses, you can feel good knowing that you are supporting people who work in and care about your community, and are therefore likely to give back in any way that they can. In fact, it is estimated that for every $100 dollars spent locally, $68 of that will stay in the community. Not only that, but independent retailers return 3 times as much money per dollar of sales to their communities than major chains do. And what’s good for our community is good for all of us!

  • Create New Jobs

Did you know that the majority of new jobs in Canada come from small businesses? According to the Government of Canada, 48% of the total labour force in the private sector is represented by small businesses. These jobs also represent about 30% of Canada’s GDP. That means, when you help keep small businesses alive, you are also helping to keep and create job opportunities for people in your area, to grow and thrive in your unique community.

  • Reduce Environmental Impact

A big benefit of supporting local is also the reduction of carbon footprints. Just think about all the fuel and emissions needed to ship items between countries. Eliminating this aspect of shipping is just a part of it. Small businesses are also more likely to set up shop right within the community, which also reduces the need for travel in and out of different areas, and in turn reduces an individual's environmental impacts. 

  • You Know Where Your Products Are Coming From

When you buy locally, it is easier to know just what is going into your products and where they are coming from. The quality, craftsmanship, and care put into every item is clear! Simple ingredients and delicious baked goods made from scratch are a big part of what we do. When you have a product made from scratch with high-quality ingredients, you can taste the difference right away.

  • Personal, Meaningful Customer Service

Every interaction and sale for a small business is important, which means that you as the customer are important to the workers at these companies. That’s why you will find no better service than at your small, local businesses. These companies care about you and the community, and are more likely to give you service and care that you will remember and want to go back to for years to come.

When you order a gift basket with Bread & Butter Basket Company, you can feel good knowing that you are supporting not just us, but your local community. We source from local suppliers in Edmonton, in Alberta, and in Canada to get you the best quality products that also help to keep local businesses alive in your city, province, and country. 

If you are looking to send a thoughtful, customized gift with some of our favourite local products, don’t hesitate to contact us.

We will help you to create the perfect gift to show your appreciation for the ones you love, at any time of the year!

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