4 Gifts That Bring Well Wishes

4 Gifts That Bring Well Wishes

The new year is officially here, everyone! And that means many people are winding down from the hustle and bustle of the holidays, exercising their new year's resolutions and preparing for whatever 2023 has in store for them. You may be thinking that gift-giving season has concluded, however, we respectfully disagree!

Just because the holiday season is over does not mean that giving gifts to your loved ones needs to stop! There are plenty of great reasons to give gifts to those you care about most, regardless of whether it’s for a birthday, a celebration or just because you want to show a little extra love and appreciation to that person!

Although the gift-giving season is never really over for the gift gurus at Bread and Butter Basket Company, we put together this handy list for inspiration on giving gifts to your loved ones that bring well wishes for the year ahead! Let’s get started! 


Granting Good Luck!

Gifts incorporating lucky charms and symbols representing good luck are a perfect way to wish someone the best while coming into the new year. Picture frames, keychains, necklaces, charm bracelets, figurines, or coffee mugs are all gifts that can be personalized with good luck charms that are appropriate for the recipient and the occasion!


Gift of Green!

Nothing brightens someone's day quite like the gift of flowers! A gorgeous bouquet of their favourite blooms, or a new plant for their home or garden is sure to bring joy to anyone who fancies themself as a green thumb in your life! A few specific blooms that are sure to bring well wishes include carnations, chrysanthemums, lucky bamboo and jade. 


Baked Benediction!

Now this one is something we can help you with! Receiving baked goods and treats is something that everyone loves, regardless of whether they have a sweet tooth or fancy a savoury snack. Did someone move into a new home over the holidays? Our Meat and Cheese Care Package is the go-to housewarming gift! Maybe someone decided to go to college, or retire, no matter the celebration, our Share Basket featuring a plethora of the best home-baked cookies around is enough to feed the whole party! Perfect for any occasion, a deliciously thoughtful gift from Bread and Butter Basket Company is a gift loaded with well wishes!

 Baked Goods Gift Baskets With Cookies Nuts and snacks great for everyone

Take Some Time!

Sometimes, when it comes to giving gifts that bring well wishes to our loved ones, the gift of our time is often overlooked. Considerably the most important gift of all, the gift of giving your time to someone you care about is a gift that is simple, and just about anyone can afford it! Quality time creates great memories, whether that time is spent enjoying an activity together, experiencing something new with one another, or simply being present in each other's day. Regardless of how you choose to spend your quality time with someone you care about, don’t forget to add a little sentiment with our Thinking Of You gift basket. After all, quality time with quality treats makes the experience that much more special!


When it comes to giving the gift of deliciousness, look no further than Bread and Butter Basket Company! Whether you’re buying for a few or for many, near or far, our gift baskets are sure to please! From sweet to savoury, there’s a treat for everyone inside every gift we create. Want to customize a basket, or add flowers to your order? Get in touch with our gift-giving gurus today! www.breadandbutterbasketco.com

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