3 Gift Boxes Any Mom Will Love This Mother's Day

3 Gift Boxes Any Mom Will Love This Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is fast approaching! This is a day to show all the moms in your life appreciation for everything that they do. We all know some moms out there who deserve to feel the love. So why not make this upcoming Mother’s Day all the more special with a gift basket packed with love and care? It’s a great way to show just how much you cherish them!

That’s why we have compiled a list of 3 gift boxes that mom is sure to love, this Mother’s Day or any day!

1. I Love My Honey & Oats

“Love drips like honey from the hive, constant, sweet, precious, into your heart each and every moment, if you let it.” - Amy Leigh Mercree

We all know just how busy mom’s can be, and sometimes all they need is to take the time to relax and unwind. The I Love My Honey & Oats basket is designed for just that, to give mom a feeling of luxury and space to unwind. Honey and oats were chosen as this box’s feature in reference to Cleopatra, who cared for herself with honey-milk baths and oatmeal exfoliants. This basket is therefore filled with a mini-spa of luxurious bath products, and topped off with delicious oatmeal cookies to indulge in. It is all designed to honor the powerful Cleopatras in your life!

2. Nurture

"Nurturing is not complex. It's simply being tuned in to the thing or person before you and offering small gestures toward what it needs at that time." - Mary Anne Radmacher

When you think of mothers you probably think of the powerful nurturing force that they bring to their relationships and while raising all the young people in their lives. Give back this feeling of nurturing to those who have cared for you, with our Nurture basket! One surefire way that mother figures like to nurture is by filling our stomachs with goodness and love, which is why this basket is filled with delicious baked-goods designed to warm the body and soul. Share some sweetness with those you love, literally!

3. Movie Blitz

"Having a good time together is the essence of lovingness and the best means of increasing it." - Benjamin Spock

There is nothing quite like quality time with mom, especially when you are doing an activity you love, or snuggling down for an intimate night together. That’s why we created the Movie Blitz basket: filled with all her favourite snacks to make movie nights together all the more fun and delicious. Curl up with mom in your coziest pyjamas, pop on her favourite film, and have some tasty treats while doing so!

This Mother’s Day, let’s celebrate moms for all that they do, and all that they are! With a gift from the heart, it is easy to show them just how much you love, care, and appreciate them in your life. 

Contact us today and we will help you create a perfect, customized gift for mom that she is sure to love, or shop our store online!
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