3 Father’s Day Gift Basket Ideas For The Dads In Your Life

3 Father’s Day Gift Basket Ideas For The Dads In Your Life

Father’s Day is coming up and it’s time to start thinking about what to get the dads in your life. Even though some men say they don’t want any gifts, they still deserve to be spoiled on Father’s Day. Shopping for men is hard and they don’t need another wallet. We know that every dad is different and there is a Bread and Butter basket for all of them.

If you want to impress the dads in your life with your gift giving abilities this Father’s Day, send them one of these three gift baskets.

  1. Movie Blitz

If your dad a movie lover? If he spends his weekends on the couch watching movies or his favourite show, this basket is for him! This basket provides everything you need to create a memorable experience at home with dad. Movie night essentials like popcorn and liquorice, plus candy, chocolate, and more make this basket a gift he will remember. Enjoy a movie night experience while indulging in delicious, locally made treats. 

  1. Man Cave Snacks

When you aren’t sure what to get the manly man in your life, don’t just resort to tools or beard trimmers. Get him something he loves but doesn’t think to ask for… food! The Man Cave Snacks gift basket comes with jerky, chips, nuts, and other goodies that he can sneak away to his man cave with. The combination of manly meats like pepperoni and jerky with sweet treats like cookies and peanut brittle make this basket a well rounded basket of joy.

  1. Chocolate Delight

For dads with a sweet tooth, the Chocolate Delight basket is the perfect Father’s Day gift. Truffles, caramel corn, chocolate covered pretzels, a large peanut butter cup and so much more make this basket a hit with all sweet treat lovers. Chocolate carries a sentiment of love and affection when shared with and given to other people. So you can show the dads in your life how much you love them with this basket full of chocolate goodness… just don’t expect the treats to last him very long! The rich and delicious chocolate goodies in this basket are so good he’ll have a hard time sharing.

Instead of buying him tools or beer, surprise him with something different this year. If these baskets don’t sound like the perfect option for your dad, check out the other amazing baskets in our Father’s Day collection

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