New moms in your life

10 Thoughtful Ideas for New Moms in your Life

Being a new mom is never easy. Between trying to care for a baby and herself at the same time, things can get overwhelming fast. Here are a few easy ways that you can help out a new mom, complete with great gift ideas that include some of our most loved baskets!

Indulge her Sweet Tooth

If mom likes sweets, then sweets are what she will get. Shower a new mom with any one of our amazing gift baskets with an included handwritten card. This will have her smiling from ear to ear. The Congratulate box is perfect for this new, joyous journey for her.  


Plan a Fun Night

Bring over a movie, maybe some wine, and a few other things that you know mom will love and appreciate—like our Appreciate gift box filled with delicious cookies. Arrange a babysitter or include the new baby in your night of relaxation and pampering. She deserves it!

Help her with Chores

Whether it's helping her fold some laundry or washing a few dishes, she is going to be more thankful than you will ever know.  

Tell Her She’s Doing Great

Remind her that she is doing a good job throughout her day. It can be easy for a new mom to fall victim to thinking she is not doing things well enough. Be the one to tell her that she is with a Celebrate gift basket to show her that she is accomplishing something great.


Tell Her Everything is Going to be Okay

Tell her that despite taking care of a new baby being a difficult task that everything is going to be okay and everything is going to work out.

Just Show Up  

Sometimes just showing up at the house to offer some help or to be a person to talk to can be a huge help for a new mom who is struggling. Just simply being there is a great gift.

Offer to Babysit

Extend an offer to babysit when mom is feeling tired or overworked. This gives her the option to have a few hours to herself to recoup and get back to business when she is feeling energized again.


Run Her a Hot Bath

Set up something special that mom isn’t used to, like a hot bath! Throw in a Chocolate Love basket and she will be over the moon.

Create an At-Home Date Kit

With a new baby by their side, it will no doubt be difficult for mom and dad to plan a special date night for themselves, let alone actually go out and have one. Create an at-home date kit for them! Throw in some things that can be enjoyed at home; such as a nice meal, a movie, a craft, and anything else you can think of. Include a Chocolate Love basket for a guaranteed night of fun.


Set Up Play-Dates

If you know other moms who have kids, or you have kids yourself, set up some playdates with the older children so mom can have a day alone with her baby, or a day alone altogether.

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