Special Treat
Special Treat
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Special Treat
Bread & Butter

Special Treat

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  • "A 'treat' is different from a 'reward,' which must be justified or earned. A treat is a small pleasure or indulgence that we give to ourselves just because we want it. Treats give us greater vitality, which boosts self-control, which helps us maintain our healthy habits.
    – Gretchen Rubin

    Treats are a delight. We anticipate them, we want them, we love them, but sometimes we feel like we need permission to have them. This gift basket is the perfect gift for that person who so generously makes sure to take care of everyone else first. They're usually selfless and would rather take the last cookie or none at all. Give them permission to not share this Special Treat and remind them of how special they truly are. They’ll feel gracious. 

  • Lime Coconut Loaf, Large- 1
    Jar of Flavored Honey, Small- 1
    Black & White Cookies- 6
    Venus Bar- 1
    Blueberry Crumble- 1