Gratitude in Edmonton | Five YEG stories that will make you feel grateful that you live here

Gratitude in Edmonton | Five YEG stories that will make you feel grateful that you live here

Living in the fast-paced and hectic environment that we do, it can be easy to forget to be grateful or even simply positive sometimes. There is so much going on in our day-to-day lives that we sometimes don’t stop to think about just how great it is to live in Edmonton, and the great things that happen here.

We here at Bread and Butter Basket Company want to remind everyone about the Edmonton gratitude and compassion that is shown through tiny and big acts alike done by the great people who live here.

A Helping Hand for Fort McMurray

Last year, fires that forced people flee their homes and leave everything behind devastated Fort McMurray. People were left in shambles and unsure about their next moves. During this time Edmonton pulled together in an incredible way. Northlands opened two of its giant exhibit halls for exhausted evacuees to use and sleep, and food and medical support were made available.

People volunteered their time to gather supplies, clothes, and raise money to help rebuild and support the city. Teenagers started Facebook groups to donate their graduation dresses to high school students who had lost theirs in the fires and surprise weddings were thrown in place of ones that had been ruined. A massive concert filled with famous acts called Fire Aid was even put on with all proceeds going to aid Fort McMurray. Go Edmonton!

Your Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Marble

Who could forget when a six-year-old Edmonton girl fulfilled her wish of becoming “Spider-Marble” for a day? Mable Tooke had been battling leukemia when the Children’s Wish Foundation staged a superhero adventure across the city for the little girl with a big dream.

The main goal? Saving The Edmonton Oilers Captain Andrew Ference, who had been kidnapped by an evil villain.

The entire city, and even Spiderman, guided and supported Spider-Marble through her quest by encouraging her on social media and through the streets as she battled evil. We don’t know about you, but that makes us pretty happy. 

Passing Down Candy Cane Lane

Candy Cane Lane is a term that we are all familiar with in Edmonton. It can be said that it is a Christmas tradition for many to enjoy a stroll down the streets looking at the houses strung with lights and decorations.

The community effort and involvement that goes into creating this yearly event is massive and worth noting, specifically for 2016. This year, at least 75 people ensured that the bonfires were lit, sleigh rides were scheduled, and families were leaving with big smiles on their faces. This even included Crestwood Junior High students!

A new generation has stepped up to help take over and continue this heartwarming event to make sure that Edmonton families can visit and enjoy Candy Cane Lane for years to come.

Support for Newcomers

Canada is a country that is known to be extremely welcoming to all, but unfortunately that isn’t always the case. In September, a Syrian man in Edmonton walked outside to see his car vandalized, just months after making Edmonton his new home.

Well, the rest of the community wasn’t going to stand for it.

An Edmonton woman from The Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers took initiative after hearing the story and started a GoFundMe campaign for the man who now had a destroyed car. This simple gesture snowballed into $3,000 being raised in less than two days. Companies in Alberta and even celebrities were grabbed by the story and the total quickly valued more than $10,000 through the compassion of many.

Social Media Outreach

In 2014, a social media campaign started for a young Edmonton man killed in a car accident. People began tweeting Luke Bryan, a country music star, to dedicate his song “Drink a Beer” to Josh Attwell at the singer’s Edmonton concert. The outpour was so huge that the community was able to reach Bryan who tweeted back: got it. On it. Will happen. Bryan went on to dedicate this emotional song on stage at Rexall to Attwell thanks to all the supportive, local tweets.